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Agile Fundamentals (IC-ICP)

Duration: 2 - 3 days

Language: English

Level: Foundation

Delivery Method: Online or In Person

Course Overview

Our Agile Fundamentals course will teach you the importance of being Agile. Learn the key aspects of value-driven delivery, adaptive planning techniques, and how to be collaborative with customers, clients, and teams. In this introduction to Agile course, you are introduced to several Agile methodologies, including Lean, Scrum and Kanban to determine what will work best for you, your team and organisation.

Who will find this course useful?

Anyone that forms part of an Agile team, who leads an Agile team, interacts with an Agile team. Anybody who wants to understand how Agile works, whether from a business or technical perspective. Anybody that wants to understand how agility can benefit themselves, their team or their organisation.

What will you learn?

Course FAQs

On-time attendance and full participation are expected. While emergencies are understandable, being fully present for the full time is required to obtain your certification

No specific experience is required.

Delegates will receive an ICAgile-ICP Certification.

If you are looking to learn about Agile to develop value-driven, high-quality products using proven Agile principles, this is the right course for you. You do not need an Agile background for this course.

This course covers some of the most popular methods for performing Agile work, including Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and XP.

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