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Agile coaches mentor on the Agile Methodology and oversee the development of teams or individuals  to ensure effective outcomes for the organisation. They are responsible for guiding teams through the development process through focused training, mentoring, showing, illustrating and coaching.
Our coaching includes:
  • Teams 
  • Individual
  • DevOps practices
  • Facilitation skills
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We do remote and face-2-face facilitation of teams, big groups or leadership sessions to ensure the time is well spent. We ensure to set the context, create a fun hospitable space where everyone is encouraged to contribute and explore topics that matter. We connect diverse perspectives and listen together for patterns and insights. 

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Consulting for increased business efficiency, productivity, IT performance and product innovation. We help you identify opportunities and solve business challenges successfully on the following:
  • Team health, synergy and development
  • Agile, Scrum and Kanban 
  • Lean processes and principles
  • Engineering practices
  • System development life cycles
  • Leadership styles
  • Continuous improvement culture
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