Pierre du Toit

QA Lead - Automated testing

DevOps Coach

Pierre is a lateral thinker. One who always sees the other side and does not stop before he has devised a plan to get there. In IT, this has always been of value as there are always new challenges that require a unique solution.

With performance-testing nothing is ever the same and this is exactly what drives Pierre. He thrives on finding solutions to problems.

He has been in the IT sector working in large corporates for more than 23 years and in the last 20 years he has been a Test Manager, Test Automation Engineer and Performance Tester, switching between the roles with ease. He is also an HP certified trainer and has been playing a mentorship and coaching role to at least 100 new incumbents into the QA space in the past few years.  

Lately he has added Blockchain, DevOps, and RPA to his list of skills.

His highly technical skills combined with his people skills has meant that he has always been able to get the job done by getting the necessary people involved and solving the difficult technical challenge.