Upcoming events


Join us at the FlowZA group, which is for anyone interested in creating flow using the Agile mindset and toolset.
We have meetups in different formats discussing several interesting topics that vary from Kanban, Scrum, Business Agility, and many more. Basically any topics that will improve flow.

The Scrum User Group of
Cape Town

Join us at the SUGSA meet-ups to network, collaborate and discuss interesting Agile topics aimed at all levels. 
This group is for anyone interested in Agile delivery. If you are a scrum master, product owner developer, analyst or anyone interacting with teams - come and share in learnings from the community.

Women in Agile

Join us at the Women in Agile meetups, which is a group supporting the inclusion and advancing of women in Agile. Open to women and allies.

SUGSA monthly event

Interested in learning about how to intersect & not collide?
Ever wondered how to fully engage all members in an Agile team, including the designer?

Coaching circles

Coaching circles are a great opportunity to work with a small group of like-minded Agile enthusiasts to share your experiences and to gain new insights from each other.

Lean Coffee

Lean Coffee is a meeting with an agenda that is created on the fly. We prioritise the topics generated, and spend 5 minutes on each to talk through as many as we can get through in the time allocated.