Strange Times

by Mayhew Olivier


Having worked the past quarter-century in several countries, with diverse cultures, and in numerous organisations, one would suppose that I should be ready for “The Coronavirus Lockdown”. I was nevertheless unprepared. My abounding experience, strong leadership, and professional capabilities seemed trivial and inconsequential.

Unfamiliarity introduced confusion and caused a loss of self-determination, anguish, and stress. On the flip side, it presented some salubrious challenges with lots of excitement because of the “New Unknown”. Social media are also showering us with the constant motivation that every innovator has tranquil and focused time to do what they do well – to innovate.

We have seen clients, vendors, and organisations scurrying around battling to get their online presence up quickly and safely. The drive for every business is to stay visible, relevant, and to survive. The Golden Fleece will be any distinguished pioneering ideas applied. However, this emergent is a real “Twat”. Nobody would have predicted nor imagined the possibility that the global marketplace can be equalized within weeks. Any competition supremacy has been erased.

The marketplace has shifted under our feet. It has moved. The World is still trying to establish where it is going to end up. It is a fact that we will never return to the status quo before the emergence of the COVID-19 Corona Virus.

Am I going to be okay? Yes, yes, and yes! Why?

  • Homo sapiens have historically survived every global catastrophe

  • There are lots of new opportunities for everyone

  • Competition has been leveled

Let us move from survival mode and become ingenious visionaries. Do not follow the rest of the pack fighting for survival. What is your new differentiator innovation? That which nobody is thinking and pre-emptying.

I know what I am going to do, do you?!