Agile Hut at a glance

Agile Hut is a service provider of consulting, training, facilitation and coaching services in the technology industry.

We have a clear go-to-market delivery providing services such as:

  • Consulting and coaching to improve organisational culture, team collaboration, customer-focused culture, continuous innovation and faster-to-market processes
  • Training of teams, leadership, scrum masters and product owners
  • Facilitation of workshops
  • Through coaching improving DevOps practices and principles for technical teams

We offer services with our unique blend of capability, responsiveness and value offering. We do appreciate to develop trusted advisor relationships with our clients; it requires a solid foundation of trust, endorsed with consistent quality delivery. We always work collaboratively, keeping it simple, taking a holistic approach, and resolving challenges in a realistic and pragmatic manner.

During our engagement, we invariably drive for efficiency and performance gains by evolving and establishing with the client, proper and prudent agile solutions.  

Our Values:

  • Always customers first
  • We embrace collaboration
  • We strive to be radically transparent
  • We continually work towards excellence
  • We encourage unconventional and innovative thinking

Agile Hut is confident in the ability to provide the level of assistance sought, and we are conversant with all the necessary requirements in order to ensure that the work meets your needs in an environment that is fair, transparent and consistent with acceptable industry guidelines.

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The team have been nothing but supportive and understanding. A well rounded team of experts with experience in different fields which has greatly helped to shape my understanding of Agile and Lean within my environment.

Andrea is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. She is very passionate about the Agile subject and helping others. I would recommend Agile Hut.

I thoroughly enjoyed everything but the games were exceptional. To be honest though, this was one of the best training courses I've ever attended (even compared to face-to-face courses).

The trainers were really relaxed and it opened up the space (albeit online) to just relax with them and enjoy the journey. I am freshly inspired to apply Agile Principles and take this back to my team! Their material is simple. Their teaching style is simple and effective. They make the fundamentals easy to assimilate!